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Contractor Lic: ECRA/ESA # 7002859

Master Lic: 6003525

We can Design and Install your Smart Home Products

Lutron Smart Switches

Lutron makes the best smart accessories that I have used They are extremely reliable and very versatile, but they are pricy. I recommend these all of the time. The Caséta line of products makes it so easy to add multi switch control to almost any type of load saving many dollars on installation.

They also have a hub available along with other types of control


They also have a very wide range of Smart controls that are also very reliable. They do not have the the same versatility as Lutron but in normal situations they are a lower priced product that keeps working. I use and recommend these products mostly.

Smartthings by Samsung

I love their hub and App. It is one of the most versatile. They also have some really great control items. They are fairly priced and can make controlling so many items in your home very easy.

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